Vista’s core investment philosophy is to: (i) focus on opportunities where the commitment (financial and emotional) of the founders and management team is extremely high; (ii) invest very selectively in companies with attractive long-term strategies for value-creation; and (iii) ensure Vista can add meaningful value to each investment opportunity through our partnered approach.

Vista analyzes each new investment opportunity on its own merits, and we recognize that every transaction has a unique capital need. We seek to finance each transaction in a prudent manner, thus ensuring ample capital resources are available to support management’s execution of the long-term business plan. We, at Vista, also serve as a value-added resource in helping management evaluate and make key strategic, operational and financial decisions. Our role does not involve participating in the daily operations of the business, although we are fully prepared to “get our hands dirty” when needed. In fact, we believe we are “at our best” when the situational demands are “highest”. In general, we prefer to make fewer investments than typical private equity investors, thus enabling us to focus more time in helping to create strategic value with our “partner” companies and management teams. In addition to focusing on strategic direction, Vista continuously focuses on organizational development and ensuring that the interests of the investors and management team are properly aligned with the successful long-term execution of each company’s growth strategy.

When a successful founder or entrepreneur driven businesses are facing a “transition” point, we are well qualified to add significant value to the situation. We understand the commitment that the founder and management team have made to the business. We also understand that an appropriate solution and transaction structure must be mutually beneficial for all parties, as well as contemplative of the future needs of the business. Most importantly, we realize that founding owners need to develop trust for any new business partner. And, at Vista, we never take “trust” lightly.