Metal Cutting Specialists (“MCS”) and Houston Water Jet (“HWJ”)

On December 31, 2013, Vista Private Equity partnered with Richard Rose, the lead investor, to acquire the thirty-five-year-old privately-held MCS and HWJ based in Houston, Texas. After a successful two-year partnership with Richard Rose, which included the completion of a new state-of-the-art facility in Northwest Houston, Richard Rose purchased Vista’s ownership interest in April, 2016.

About Metal Cutting Specialists, Inc.

MCS is a custom saw shop specializing in the sectioning of large and complex machined forgings and parts. MCS, one of the largest metal sawing facilities in the United States, has the capacity to handle material up to 82” thick, cut your material to shape and remove large sections of any type of material, including Titanium, Hastalloy, Stainless and Inconel. MCS saws range from small to high-capacity systems capable of cutting round bar, tube, heavy plate and blocks in any quantity. See more details at

About Houston Water Jet

HWJ is the premier water jet service provider for Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Gasket and other non-traditional material jobs. In order to continue providing high quality parts to our customers, a 5-axis machine was added in 2011 and a 5th machine added in 2015 offers dual-heads and a 13′ x 43′ bed giving HWJ greater capacity to service customers. See more details at