Mahler Health

Vista Private Equity Group, along with Troy Keeney, founded the Mahler Health startup in April, 2013. Since its inception, Mahler has grown to one of the premier fully-integrated, cloud-based practice management and billing platforms in the medical industry. The HIPPAA-Compliant platform was built entirely in-house with no third-party software, resulting in lightning-fast functionality and seamless integration throughout the system. Mahler Health’s cloud-based platforms eliminate the need for expensive infrastructure and hardware, allowing data to be accessed from anywhere, anytime from users’ computers, tablets, or smart phones.

Mahler’s primary products are branded as follows:

SurgicalCloud–a full practice management solution designed specifically for outsourced medical providers, including surgical assistants, anesthesiology practices, and ambulatory surgery centers.

MahlerRCM—a complete revenue cycle management tool customized for billing companies. Create and submit claims with the power of Mahler’s full billing engine. With real-time eligibility checks, direct payer connections, automated claim status updates, and an easy-to-use appeals system, managing claims is easier than ever before.

MahlerAPI— a powerful API allowing customers to seamlessly transfer their data securely into the Mahler Health system, giving them the ability to create and manage claims directly from Mahler’s industry-leading revenue cycle management platform.

Re-GenPM—a revolutionary cloud-based solution to simplify and enhance the practice management of Regenerative Medicine operating companies.

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