Investment Profile

Vista seeks to provide equity capital for three primary types of transactions: management buyouts, recapitalizations and transformative growth financings (e.g., strategic acquisitions, product development, capacity expansion). We focus on private companies with revenues typically ranging from $10 million to $50 million. Our preferable investment candidates will generally have attractive operating margins and sustainable cash flows, although we are also willing to consider recapitalizations of select companies with solid business franchises constrained by poor recent operating performance or excessive leverage. Geographically, Vista is primarily focused on companies based in Texas and certain surrounding states in the Southwest U.S.

While the attached PDF contains a comprehensive outline of Vista’s general investment parameters, we have emphasized Vista’s core investment profile below:

  • We invest in companies with strong management teams who have a passion for the strategic direction and long-term success of the business.
  • We prefer management-led buyouts or recapitalizations in which the management team holds / obtains a meaningful equity interest.
  • We prefer transactions in which the principals of Vista can establish strong working relationships with management and, in turn, add strategic value beyond the mere investment of equity capital.
  • We seek companies with one or more of the following: sustainable competitive market position; differentiated products / services; and favorable long-term growth prospects.

We enjoy working directly with individual business owners, principals, family shareholder groups and management teams to tailor transaction structures that are mutually beneficial to all parties involved. However, we are also willing to participate in selective auctions, particularly when the related business compliments an existing Vista portfolio company.