Houston, December 31, 2013 – VPEG, LLC, a Houston-based private equity investment firm specializing in equity investments within the smaller end of the middle market, announced today that it partnered with Richard Rose, the lead investor, to acquire the thirty-five year old privately-held Metal Cutting Specialties, Inc. (“MCS”) and Houston Water Jet, LLC (“HWJ”) of Houston, Texas. The Companies are leading providers of metal band sawing and water jet cutting services. MCS, the largest metal sawing facility in the United States, has the capacity to handle material up to 82” thick, cut your material to shape and remove large sections of any type of material, including Titanium, Hastalloy, Stainless and Inconel. MCS saws range from small to high-capacity systems capable of cutting round bar, tube, heavy plate and blocks in any quantity. HWJ offers abrasive water jets that are used to machine virtually any type of material or hardness to 8” thick with tolerance to .002”. Terms were not disclosed.

Lead investor and new President, Richard O. Rose, is based in Houston, Texas. Richard Rose, the former owner of Rose Machine and Fab, Inc., successfully sold his privately-owned business to Ellwood Group, Inc. on November 30, 2012. Bank of Houston provided the senior debt financing for the acquisition.

For additional information regarding Metal Cutting Specialties and Houston Water Jet, please see www.metalcuttingusa.com.

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Founded in 2006, Vista Private Equity Group (www.vistagroupllp.com) seeks to make investments in private companies within the smaller end of the middle market. Vista’s core investment focus is providing equity capital to support these types of businesses when they face a critical “transition” point – primarily ownership transitions or transformative growth initiatives.



Greg Houghtaling