Hamilton Engineering, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Atlantis E&P Services, Inc.

Houston, TX July 2, 2007 – Hamilton Engineering Inc. (“HEI”), a petroleum industry leader in drilling and fluid management solutions, is pleased today to announce the acquisition of Atlantis E & P Services, Inc. (ATLANTIS), a Houston based petroleum industry subsurface consulting company. ATLANTIS will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of HEI in the transaction. The acquisition of ATLANTIS will provide HEI the opportunity to further expand its reservoir engineering, geoscience, and wellsite geological consulting services to the industry. Charles (Chuck) R. Brown II will serve as CEO/President and Claude W. Thorp will continue to lead HEI’s reservoir and geoscience consulting services. Terrell J. (Terry) Clark, founder of ATLANTIS, will continue to support ATLANTIS as a technical/business development advisor and consultant.

Mr. Brown, CEO/President of HEI said, “With Atlantis, we are able to expand our onshore and offshore onsite drilling and fluid management solutions by offering wellsite geological services to our clients. These onsite services can provide our clients with a comprehensive wellsite solution, and by combining these services with Atlantis’ office based reservoir and geoscience consultants, Hamilton is positioned to provide the most extensive project management solutions in the industry. Additionally, Hamilton’s worldwide client base and strong business development team will ensure that the ATLANTIS professionals are consistently engaged in the most challenging opportunities available in the industry.”

HAMILTON ENGINEERING, INC., founded in 1976, historically specializes in the planning and supervision of petroleum related drilling, completion, and well workovers. HAMILTON’s expertise in performing detailed well planning offers the key to low cost results in each phase of drilling program execution. Today, it is a full-service firm offering drilling, fluids management, completion, production, reservoir engineering and geoscience consulting and full-time placement services. For more information on HAMILTON please call (713) 956-0956 or visit